Progeny® is based on the science of Optimal Cell Regeneration™. With age, the regeneration of the skin slows, and external damages like sun exposure and free radicals weaken and damage the cellular functions necessary to maintain youthful skin. In order for aging skin to begin restoring itself, a fully hydrated, nutrient-rich environment, with robust communication and turnover is required between the epidermis and dermis.


High-performing cell function.

Creating an optimal environment through heightened cell activity.
Progeny paves the way with the latest in skin rejuvenation research by optimizing the skin’s responsiveness to cellular repair and regenerative signals. This plays a crucial role in the rate of cell regeneration, and ultimately skin longevity. Each age-defying complex utilizes high concentrations of ultra-purified, multi-beneficial active ingredients that are harmonized in a proprietary delivery system to penetrate deeply, thereby enhancing the skin’s ability to nourish, strengthen and repair itself.

Achieving an optimal state of balance in the skin.
Specialized active ingredients (key players in elevated cell activity) are harmonized into formulations using high concentrations (based on quality and purity), to optimize the skin’s natural regenerative processes.

Science Based Anti-Aging Skin Care

Specialized Peptides
These micro-active proteins send key signals to your collagen and elastin fibers instructing them on how to properly function, reproduce, and repair. The result is the formation of new, high-quality collagen & elastin networks that help restore your skin’s volume and elasticity.
Functional Acids
Non-inflammatory retinoids, alpha & beta hydroxy acids and isolated botanicals play a major role in regulating and increasing epidermal cell turnover and the creation of healthy new skin. This accelerated cellular production works to increase dermal volume, repair fine lines & wrinkles, and smooth skin texture for more radiant skin.


Nutrients & Minerals
Your skin needs a healthy environment in order to thrive. By re-infusing your skin with an abundance of specialized vitamins and minerals, you provide your cells with the necessary enrichment needed to begin its repair.
Botanical Concentrates
We concentrate and purify our botanicals in order to reap the greatest rewards. These special concentrates help soothe the skin, fight free radicals and inflammation, reverse hyperpigmentation, hydrate and moisturize, and add important daily environmental protection.


Premature skin aging is the result of free radical activity in the body. Antioxidants are naturally occurring substances that fight, reduce and repair free radical damage, bringing back natural, youthful cell function that results in diminishing the look of fine lines, sun damage, dullness and uneven skin tone and texture.
Intense Hydrators
As we age, our skin loses its ability to retain water and moisture, resulting in drier, rougher skin. By infusing the skin with concentrated deep humectants and barrier protectors, we can restore and lock-in hydration for more plump, moisture-rich and dewy skin.


Marine Extracts
These deep aquatic extracts add unparalleled antioxidant power to any formulation, helping skin fight and repair structural damage, while contributing vital minerals and deep cellular hydration for a glowing appearance.
Pigment Correctors
Sun damage, inflammation and hormone changes can all contribute to aging skin. These aggressors trigger increased levels of melanin, which results in uneven skin tone, melasma and stubborn hyperpigmentation. Our pigment correctors regulate and restore normal melanin production for a more even and radiant skin tone.


Paraben Free Phthalate Free Sulfate Free Gluten Free Vegan Friendly Anti-Aging Skin Care