Progeny® was conceived by a mother & daughter duo with a mission to develop regenerative, age-reversing skin care that optimizes skin health and appearance — all while promoting the health and beauty of the whole individual. 

Founded upon their extensive experience in the field of aesthetics, and as international skin care developers, their collaboration with research and chemist colleagues led them to the development of products that promote heigthened cell regeneration & turnover in the skin — a function that incrementally slows as we age.

After two years of development and testing, Progeny was born — a transformational line of skin care that fights aging at its most elemental level. Through our process of Optimal Cell Regeneration™, Progeny paves the way with the latest in skin rejuvenation research by optimizing the skin’s responsiveness to cellular repair and regenerative signals. When skin achieves its ideal equilibrium, it can perform at its peak. This requires fully hydrated, nutrient-rich skin with optimal cellular communication & turnover. Utilizing proprietary combinations of natural and scientifically formulated actives, Progeny works to remediate & replicate, helping to slow and reverse the aging process, for results that are unparalleled.

At Progeny, we are committed to supporting and encouraging all beauty in life, whether it’s beauty that we nurture within, or the face of beauty we show to the world. Our company was founded on the principles of responsibility, honesty, and caring — for ourselves and others. And we believe that our collective good intentions will be manifested by our progeny, to help create a better tomorrow — where beauty is reborn.


Paraben Free Phthalate Free Sulfate Free Gluten Free Vegan Friendly Anti-Aging Skin Care